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The Best Motorcycle Jackets: Featuring Our Top 4 Picks

We cannot stress enough the importance of using motorcycle riding gear. Investing in riding gear is much better than footing the hospital bill than after a fall! Better to be prepared than not I say. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t react soon enough during braking, we can all get caught out & experience a … Read More

Facts About Motorcycle Body Armor

Motorcycle protective gear is a crucial step when you’re attempting to ride any motorcycle. As it’s known a motorcycle is far more prone to accidents than driving a car. Protective measures are a must in order to be able to defend oneself from any unfortunate events. Motorcycle gear is not only protective in terms of … Read More

How To Stay Safe During Long Distance Motorcycle Rides?

If you are someone who enjoys riding a motorcycle, this is one article you must not miss! People who love motorcycles are mostly who enjoy adventures, thrills, and excitements. The rush of adrenaline one gets while being mounted on a motorcycle, zipping past other vehicles and feeling the wind on every inch of your skin, … Read More

What Do Australian Motorcycle Riders Wear?

Motorcycling is a smart and affordable way to travel, ideally suited to the Australian lifestyle. Motorcycle sport and recreation is popular, with an estimated 4500 events each year conducted by Motorcycling Australia (MA), the national body for organizing motorcycle events around the country. Motorcycling lifestyles are adopted by many distinct groups. They include commuters, mainstream … Read More

A Buyers Guide To Motorcycle Clothing

Imagine riding your dream motorcycle in the quiet of the evening, where the roads are empty, and you’re the only one enjoying the freedom of the night, sounds great, right? Owning a stylish motorcycle is many-a-mans dream (and ladies, we can never forget the ladies). An idea that often becomes a reality, after all, it’s a … Read More

The Cuban Cruiser

Here’s something different. When Photographer Dean Saffron was last in the Caribbean he snapped these shots of a fella in Cuba glad in a pair Resurgence Gears, Pekev® Lite, Dark Blue motorcycle jeans. Ok, let’s be frank here, little else was protected on this Cuban chap (unless you’re counting that camo T-shirt and a pair … Read More

On The Screen And On The Road

Firing up the engine and getting his bike out on the asphalt is a necessity for Australasian actor Alex Tarrant, so much that he’s even got himself a Honda GB400TT cafe racer project in the works. Since motorcycles and hitting the open road have become a passion for Alex he’s found himself on the search … Read More

City Cruising

I could feel that urge building again, that all familiar daily desire to get the bike out on the road. I pulled my Resurgence Vintage jeans on and ignited the Triumph, my riding fix was about to be satisfied.Read More

Sunset Finish

There’s not many better ways to spend an afternoon than taking the bike out for a ride…country style. Throwing on a pair of Resurgence’s Black Bird jeans and a Charcoal Hoodie it was time to hit the road before nightfall.Read More

Harley And The Davidsons

Here's something new, well from us at least, a movie review, or a mini series to be more precise. Now of course we are not qualified critics but then what qualifies one to be a critic, an opinion?Read More

Motorcycle adventures for a cause

Back in June we received an inquiry about sponsoring an event. Now, I should mention that in all previous and current business ventures spanning vastly different product and brands I’ve had nothing but bad experiences giving stuff away in exchange for unfulfilled promises of exposure…every single time.Read More

Motorcycle clothing…morphing strength and style

This is the spot where we keep you, the savvy motorcycle rider informed on the latest styles and technology breakthroughs. There will also be regular news, interviews, reviews and points of interest to the Australian riders of the iron horse.Read More

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