Motorcycle adventure for a cause - without a ribbon - Rare cancer support

Motorcycle adventures for a cause

Back in June we received an inquiry about sponsoring an event. Now, I should mention that in all previous and current business ventures spanning vastly different product and brands I’ve had nothing but bad experiences giving stuff away in exchange for unfulfilled promises of exposure…every single time. I don’t think any of those people or organisation were deceitful, in fact I’m positive they were all sincere and had great intentions. It’s just human nature it seems, but it does make one very weary when asked for free product.

You don’t often get any advertising out of it, rather just end up buying someone you don’t know a very expensive gift. Still, if you’re in a position to help then you look into the cause and if it’s genuine you contribute. I allocate a set amount of product for this every year and I’m very thankful some of that product found it’s way to a great cause this year.

Tough jeans for a tough mission

That inquiry back in June came from a man by the name of Charlie Crossley. Charlie and a couple of his mates had planned a motorcycle trip around the perimeter of Australia to raise funds and awareness for ‘Without a Ribbon’, a charity that supports rare cancer sufferers. These guys had all been impacted by the big C in one form or another so they bound together on a crusade that shared a common passion, motorcycling. Charlie already knew how good Resurgence motorcycle jeans were and wanted a pair each for himself and the boys, this was a cause and adventure we definitely wanted to support.

Four men on a quest

Shortly after a forth competent had joined the ranks and the timer for their October 28th departure started counting down. An adventure these gentlemen will definitely never forget, one for life’s highlight reel.

The four strong team of friends consisting of Charlie, Steve, John and Brett are now three weeks into their journey and they have a long, long way still to go. Check them out, they are doing regular post on their Facebook page and as expected are having one hell of an adventure.

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