Top tips to gear-up for a ride

Our Top Tips to Gear Up For A Ride

Speed is both exhilarating and risky, which makes riding a motorcycle a serious undertaking. No biker on earth can resist giving the throttle a good whack now and then, especially when the traffic is considerably low. Also riding on the highway/passing can take you well above the 100 kmph easily at times.

A fall at such speeds can have serious consequences!

The thing with riding gears is, motorcyclists tend to undermine their potential in favour of fashion and comfort. They conveniently forget a crucial life lesson, motorcycle gear will always be significantly less expensive and stressful than a trip to the hospital. And at Resurgence Gear, we couldn’t stress this enough.

Resurgence Gear: Built for the Street

Travel is a lot of fun on a motorbike. Every true blue biker thoroughly enjoys riding from dawn to sunset. Unfortunately, not every true biker is inclined to wear motorcycle gear. At Resurgence, we aim to eliminate the apprehensions surrounding motorcycle riding gear by providing our customers with the missing link between casual streetwear and sport-riding motorcycle gear.

Resurgence Gear specializes in the design of motorcycle clothing which is an evolution of the casual wardrobe that bikers usually wear for a comfortable ride. Apparel crafted from denim and leather has been the choice of motorcycle riders since they became the fashion in the early 1900s. We use these old-school materials and combine them with our proprietary fabric technology, PEKEV, a material of the digital age with unparallel abrasion resistance, lighter & more breathable than other protective materials on the market, as well as being wash safe. Meaning it won’t break down like other protective materials & will last a lot longer.

The result is our premium selection of motorcycle jackets and hoodies, riding jeans and cargo pants, gloves, & accessories which has been combined with D30 armour technology. That’s right, we have everything you need, all under one roof, and all our products fit seamlessly with the casual wardrobe you wish.

Planning a Ride?

We currently live in the age of Aramid fabric capable of remarkable impact and abrasion resistance. Materials like PEKEV enable motorcycle clothing manufacturing firms like us to add an extra layer of protection to timeless, style classics. Our motorcycle jackets, denim jeans & jackets, as well as riding shirts are guaranteed to impress both the biker and the fashionista in you.

Here’s How to Suit up For the Occasion.

Comfort is at the core of a pleasant bike trip, and it all begins with how you feel in your clothes. We recommend choosing a T-Shirt with a relaxed fit (try one of our own Resurgence Gear T-Shirts). They make a good foundation for your riding jacket and pants.

Alternatively, you could decide to roll with just one of our denim jeans that are reinforced with a PEKEV lining and equipped with pockets to accommodate our D30 armour kit with your riding pants.

Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle jackets are usually crafted from sturdy and abrasion-resistant materials and are reinforced at the shoulder and elbows. There are plenty of choices available, and some jackets are designed for sportbike riders incorporated with back, elbow and forearm protection.

Ensure that your jacket fits you perfectly as well with the armoured protection fitted correctly. Many jackets come equipped with water-resistant coatings, as well as the mesh jacket (new) coming with a zip-out waterproof membrane. These jackets offer plenty of protection and comfort during a downpour. Jackets provide the robust protection you deserve. With the water-resistant jackets I personally just carry an overcoat & pants to throw over when required. Personally find this the best & most comfortable option when riding & when off the bike.

The Resurgence gear Rocker jacket is designed from the ground up for a tour. Its sturdy construction reinforced with PEKEV and water-resistant Teflon coating offers you plenty of protection and weather resistance. It fits snug and provides you with the correct room for movement right down to the handlebar.

Strongest Motorcycle Jackets and Hoodies

Motorcycle Pants

Many bikers wear a riding jacket, gloves and boots, but choose conventional denim jeans as trousers. Unless outfitted with protective fabric layers crafted from modern-day polymers, denim jeans may not be a good idea. We are passionate advocates of motorcycle safety and highly recommend that you do not exclude purpose-built motorcycle pants from your riding attire. A must look at our Pekev protective lined jeans or our interwoven pekev denim jeans for a very light, however robust protective jean.

Choose from our vast collection of denim jeans and cargo pants that are enhanced with from the CE AA to CE AAA certified abrasion-resistant fabric, PEKEV. All of our motorcycle pants come with pockets to support the removable D30 armour pads and offer plenty of room for your wallet, mobile phone and keys. One of the main features a lot of bikers report is that they absolutely love the comfort & quality of the Resurgence Gear range.

Strongest Motorcycle Jeans and Pants


Motorcycle riders tend to hit the ground, hands first in case of a fall. It is a reflex action that is triggered when you brace yourself for the impact with the ground. Well-constructed gloves save you from multiple abrasive injuries to your hands in such situations.

Always use motorcycle gloves specifically designed for the purpose. ‘Riding gloves’ with the fingers exposed are crafted for mountain bicycle riders and are not for riding a motorcycle. Protective styled gloves that extend to the palm of your hands are your best choice for motorcycle trips since they offer the highest level of protection. I know most have the bulk of the protection on the top of the glove. Check out 50 odd crashes on youtube & you soon realise that in a slide holding onto the handlebars where your knuckles hit the road is when lost on a corner, however off in one second or two. On high slides is when you see an event occurring & drop the bike was trying to slow yourself down with the palm of your hand or you fly over something you have hit & place your hands out, hence most of our protection is on the palm of the hands right to the fingertips.


From professional racing gear to simpler ones built for touring, there are many choices available for motorcycle riders. Many riders make a compromise and choose ‘work’ boots with reinforced toes encasing. There is no doubt that these shoes are sturdy, though they are not built for motorcycle riding & can be dangerous to use.

Motorcycle boots are usually sleeker with plenty of reinforcement for impact and abrasion as well as great ankle protection. It is always ideal to try a pair of boots and walk around a bit in them to ensure your comfort. They aren’t really built for walking, however, it pays to ensure you have the right fit.


Motorcycle helmets used to be (relatively) heavy. All the premium helmets you see today are extremely light since they are crafted from revolutionary materials to ensure your safety.

We recommend that you go all out and buy a really good certified helmet designed & fit for purpose. However, it is important to ensure that you can breathe well and feel comfortable under the lid. Many helmets come with thick padding that squishes your cheeks slightly up. This is highly recommended & the correct fit. These are usually competition-grade helmets that are rated to withstand high-speed impact. Please do listen to the staff as they are trained to ensure you have the right fitting helmet. Recently I heard of a retailer staff telling me of a case where they tried to explain to the customer his current helmet is too loose & should not wear the helmet he currently has. Sadly he never listened & had a high-speed crash. He pretty much scalped himself. He did survive, the odd thing is that he still doesn’t listen. I guess you can’t knock sense into some people haha.