The Best Motorcycle Jackets: Featuring Our Top 4 Picks

The Best Motorcycle Jackets: Featuring Our Top 4 Picks

We cannot stress enough the importance of using motorcycle riding gear. Investing in riding gear is much better than footing the hospital bill than after a fall! Better to be prepared than not I say. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t react soon enough during braking, we can all get caught out & experience a tank slapper or a high slide due to cold tyre temperature or oil. Sliding down the tarmac is like sandpaper in a machinist’s hand to serve you a tall order of road rash & even worse.

Now that we are past the grim details of why you need a motorcycle jacket, let’s get down to the good stuff. What jacket should you buy? What should you look for in one? How do they protect you? In this article, we cover all the details and more.

Making your choice  

Remember, when buying a motorcycle jacket, you choose between three important variables: comfort, protection, and cost. Good motorcycle clothing doesn’t have to be expensive. Let’s face it unless you plan to blast down the road at TT racing speeds; you won’t have to shell out huge payments on your motorcycle riding apparel in the $1000’s. 

It is important, however, to find the ideal balance between comfort and protection. Almost all of our jackets offer unprecedented abrasion resistance, but given the number of choices we offer, we understand the bewilderment of our customers. So we decided to give you the lowdown on what to look for in a jacket by featuring our top picks. Ready to gear up? Here we go!

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The Top Picks

Resurgence Rocker Black & Olive Jackets:

First up is our Rocker jacket crafted from PEKEV fabric, our proprietary material. At the outset, this motorcycle jacket addresses abrasion resistance that has 100% protection of our full-strength Pekev.

The same liner used in our jeans that have passed C.E AAA certification. The high tensile strength of the fabric saves you in that unlikely high-speed fall. Unlike conventional motorcycle jackets that are usually made of leather, the fibres of the PEKEV material offer unparalleled protection, plus it is wash safe unlike many other brands / protective materials.

The Rocker jacket is armoured and comprises sturdy D30 shoulder and elbow padding, plus a C.E Level 2 back pad free of charge, offering you an impressive second layer of protection. Despite being sturdy, the PEKEV fabric is lightweight, making the Rocker Jacket an ideal blend of comfort and protection. The rotated, pre-curved sleeves offer you an unrestricted range of motion, adding to the jacket’s overall comfort. The jacket is water and stain resistant and holds up well should you get caught off guard by an unexpected light shower.

The jacket offers plenty of pockets to stow away your wallet and smartphone and facilitates good breathability, ensuring riding comfort even during the summer months up to around 30 degrees I’ve personally used the jacket in. The Rocker jacket is perfectly suited for the tourer in you while looking smart and casual when off the motorcycle.


Black & Blue Denim Jackets:

As they say, looks can be deceptive, and in this case, it certainly is. The Resurgence Black & Blue Denim Jacket looks like a regular denim jacket at first sight.

But that’s where the resemblances end. This is an armoured denim jacket featuring the removable D30 protection system for your shoulders and elbows, plus a C.E level 2 back pad free of charge. 60% of the jacket is crafted from the high tensile strength lining crafted from the PEKEV Full strength fabric. That’s how we get the confidence to call it the ‘The World’s Safest abrasion rated liner for our motorcycle denim jackets. This jacket is well suited for the urban road warrior in you who enjoys the wind in their face when commuting within the city. It is versatile enough to be your second skin if you decide to go for a casual weekend spin. We guarantee that its conventional style will also strike a chord with the fashionista in you.

Sherpa Denim Black & Blue Jackets:

Sherpa denim jackets emerged as a winter staple in North America (the USA and Canada). It is considered a timeless classic and practical apparel, well suited for work and casual use. Our take on the classic sherpa jacket features a full-strength PEKEV liner throughout the whole motorcycle jacket and the high abrasion resistance that comes with it. The resurgence sherpa jacket is your ideal friend when you want to hit the road in the colder months of the year. Its snug inner lining and D30 removable armour system make it a pragmatic, robust and good looking choice for your winter needs. The jacket offers you unprecedented quality.  

Mesh Jacket

Rising mercury levels during the summer can quickly make things uncomfortable under the collar. At Resurgence gear, our commitment to developing motorcycle riding gear takes us above and beyond just ‘going with the flow”. Hence, we have designed the mesh jacket to ramp up your comfort during the summer (about to hit the shelves very soon). The jacket features the standard PEKEV LITE 60% construction and a removable D30 elbow & shoulder armour, as well as a C.E level 2 back pad that comes free of charge. In addition, we have augmented with breathable liners that allow superior airflow & pekev is only placed in the high impact zone to allow maximum breathability for the stylish trendy mesh jacket. Also, Resurgence has gone one better as they always do & included a free zip away waterproof jacket. Most of the time I’d leave this in my backpack in the heat of the summer or side pack, however great if in a chilly wind or the rain starts to come in with this extra free perk. 

BONUS – Hoodies Black & Charcoal Jackets:


Want a trendy stylish Hoodie while having our Full-Strength PEKEV liner throughout the whole jacket. Look no further, this is the hoodie for you. Been told time & time again people love the high-quality soft hoodie. Our photos don’t do the jacket justice until seen in person. These also have a water & stain resistant coating over the jacket. Great for those short rides or on-off occasions around the city with friends. As well as the other jackets our hoodies also come with Free D30 elbow & shoulder, plus a C.E level 2 back pad. YKK zipper pockets on the inside & out. Another must-see from the Resurgence Jacket range!

Parting Words

Resurgence motorcycle jackets are primarily designed for protection and comfort while looking incredibly stylish. However, we have managed to iron out some significant problems, such as loss of texture and protection ability with washing.

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