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What Do Australian Motorcycle Riders Wear?

Motorcycling is a smart and affordable way to travel, ideally suited to the Australian lifestyle. Motorcycle sport and recreation is popular, with an estimated 4500 events each year conducted by Motorcycling Australia (MA), the national body for organizing motorcycle events around the country.

Motorcycling lifestyles are adopted by many distinct groups. They include commuters, mainstream motorcycle clubs, adventure touring, road riding and those involved with bike sports, like motocross, drag racing, circuit racing, tricks & stunt bikes; and those involved in customizing their vehicles in various different styles. Organized rides are an integral element of many groups.

The Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycling is a pastime full of variation. There is something for everyone, which is just as well because life generally gives rise to many interesting types. Different characters can become very easy to spot on two wheels, so here’s a light-hearted look at some of the types of motorcycle riders you may encounter in the wilderness. Based on their bike choices and attitudes the motorcycle bikers are categorized as The Squid Rider, Adventure Rider, Sports Rider, Exclusive Cruiser Rider, and Stunt Riders.

What Safety Essential Do The Riders Wear?

The majority of motorcycle riders wear a helmet and motorcycle jacket, they are less likely to wear motorcycle boots, pants or gloves. This is despite at least 20 years of solid evidence that over 80% of the motorcycle accidents have leg injuries.

According to the Survey of motorcyclists in NSW the main reason behind the injuries were riders not wearing the proper motorcycle clothing and accessories. Riders usually avoid the safety gear or settle for poor quality motorcycle clothing.

Australian riders safety clothing


The Importance of Motorcycle Clothing

Motorcycle Gear is designed to help protect your own body. Motorcycle crashes could happen anywhere, anytime, even on short trips near home. The survey statistics clearly mentioned the importance of protective motorcycle clothing. Motorcycle accidents can have devastating consequences on the rider. Their vulnerability and exposure make them receptive to many bodily injuries and even demise. As the survey indicate that the head, legs, and arms of a rider are most likely to be injured in a collision. In light of these studies, it is essential that motorcycle riders wear protective clothing and protective gear in order to better protect themselves.

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