Custom Made Motorcycle Jeans/Pants by Resurgence Gear

Resurgence Gear understands that finding the perfect fitting pant can be challenging due to our unique shapes and sizes. That’s why we’re excited to offer you the opportunity to customise your motorcycle jeans/pants to your liking. Whether it’s a past Resurgence Gear item or a size we no longer stock, we may be able to create the colour or size or unique design you desire (will sometimes depend on material availability in the factory).

We understand the significance of this custom-made item, as it’s tailored specifically for you. Once made, we cannot resell it, so please carefully consider your order before placing it through the custom-made section. We highly recommend using a professional seamstress for accurate measurements, following the outlined template provided on our website for clarity. If your seamstress recommends specific extra measurements, please share them with us for precise customisation.

Creating a custom-made item involves a considerable amount of work, including designing a new template, sourcing materials, and crafting a one-off item. Unlike regular orders, where hundreds of the same item are made in a streamlined process, custom orders take more time. The production time may range from 1 to 3 months, depending on material availability and order complexity, also how many orders are in front of you. Communication via email may be frequent to ensure your specifications are met. We’ve successfully completed a few custom design jeans/pants for satisfied customers, prompting us to offer you the Motorcycle Custom Made Option.

Your item will be shipped directly from Pakistan, and if necessary, armour will be provided from our warehouse. If your armour arrives separately, please contact us, and we’ll dispatch it from our Sunshine Coast, AUS warehouse promptly.

The cost breakdown is as follows:

  • Base price of the item on the website (e.g., Jet-Black jeans) in AUD
  • Shipping directly from Pakistan via DHL or Fed Ex Express: $40 USD (includes tracking)
  • Custom design template, materials, and extra time: $70 USD

Exchange rates will be determined using Google at the time the document is signed and sent back to us.

Please note: There are no refunds or exchanges for custom-made items.

To place an order, please send the following details via email:

  • Name & Surname:
  • Phone number:
  • Address (including postal code) for shipping:
  • Email for tracking notifications:

Payment options:

  • Bank transfer: Use “Your Name” as reference  Westpac Bank: BSB 036-001 Account number: 519669
  • PayPal request of payment: You can pay by credit card (no PayPal account required)


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Sign and send the document.